Mental Illness is Common

mental health first aid can positively impact your agency, company, organization, college, school, church, community and life!

Certified Mental Health First Aid trainers are providing this training all across the country and VSC is seeking to partner with health care agencies, corporations, colleges and organizations to bring Adult Mental Health First Aid Training to your community.

Adult Mental Health First Aid training can positively impact your bottom line.  Adult Mental Health First Aid Training is an effective professional development tool that can be used to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of your employees, teams or community members. 

Adult Mental Health First Aid Training is likely to contribute directly to a company's or organization's fundamental effectiveness and vitality. VSC believes that, an Adult Mental Health First Aid Training program is essential to the overall success of any community of people.

  • ​1 in 5 American adults experiences a mental illness each year. It is likely that employees and colleagues will interact with someone experiencing a mental health concern at work
  • Employers face an estimated $80 to $100 billion in indirect costs annually due to mental illness and substance use – including lost productivity and absenteeism
  • 10.8 million full time workers have a substance use disorder
  • The training helps employees from all levels to identify, understand, and respond to signs of addictions and mental illnesses

4 reasons to become a mental health first aider

be 1 in a million.

join the movement.

“With one in four Americans experiencing a mental health or addiction disorder each year, the National Council is committed to making this important training as common as CPR,” said Susan Blue, National Council board chair and president and CEO of Community Services Group.

why should you train your employees?

1 in 5 people will experience one in a given year.

People with mental illnesses often suffer alone. Learn when and how to step in and offer support.

who we are reaching

Over 740,000 individuals across the US are Mental Health First Aiders. We are training people in:

VSC is commited to positively impacting the mental health and wellness of adults and youth all acrosss America. Our certified professionals have tranied thousands of individuals across the country in Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid. We have provided training for all of the eintities below and many more:

Be Prepared

You Care

You Can Help

Be there for a friend, family member or colleague. Learn how to start a conversation.

Just like you learn CPR, learn how to help someone in a mental health or substance use crisis.

  • Business/Corporations
  • ​Health Care Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Schools
  • Faith Communities
  • Law Enforcement/Public Safety
  • Social Services
  • Higher Education
  • Behavioral Health Agencies
  • ​General Community