VSC provides custom 8-hour on-site Mental Health First Aid training sessions all across the country. Certified trainers will come to your location and provide exclusive training. The minimum number of participants in each session is 20 and the maximum is 30. We will customize a training package that will work for you. We provide multi-day training sessions to accommodate groups larger than 30. Let us help you be 1 in a Million.

Train Your Leaders
If you are looking to lay a mental health awareness foundation in your organization we suggest that you train your leaders. Training senior level executives, administrators, supervisors and any leader can make an immediate positive impact on the entire team.

Train Your Employees
Training every member of your team can change the fabric of any organization. The mental health and wellness of the workplace will be dramatically improved. This improvement can drastically reduce the organization's out-of-pocket costs related to mental health issues. Mental Health First Aid training could be a vital part of any Employee Assistance Program and VSC is here to help you every step of the way.  

Train Your Membership
Any organization is only as effective as its membership. Mental Health First Aid training can positively impact the memberships of churches, non-profits, social and service organizations, fraternities and sororities and any organization that interacts with people. VSC will customize a training program that is based on the mission of your organization and conduct customized on-site training for your members.
Train Your Faculty and Staff
Academic institutions across America are negatively impacted each day by mental health issues. The negative effects of mental illness impact parents, teachers, students, administrators, staff members, bus drivers, campus police officers and the list goes on. From elementary schools to college campuses across our great country, mental health issues are going unaddressed. There is not enough money in our budgets to address the needs effectively. However, Mental Health First Aid training can equip every member of an academic institution to be a resource and tool to assist in arresting the mental health issues that plague our campuses and playgrounds. VSC will work with you on a program to train the entire faculty and staff of your organization. 
Train a Local Community
If you are looking to leave and indelible mark on the landscape of an entire community, Mental Health First Aid training is the perfect vehicle. The community needs assessment of thousands of non-profit hospitals across the country show the need for mental health initiatives and programs in communities throughout America. VSC's project management division can assist you in training thousands of people in your local area. This service can help your healthcare agency begin meeting the requested needs of your community. 

Our Mental Health First Aid Project Management Services Can Help You:

  • Implement a local program that can provide Mental Health First Aid training to 1,000 to 10,000 residents of the geographic region covered by your agency over a 3 year period
  • Secure regional corporate partners to assist you in your overall mission to impact the Mental Wellness of your community
  • Provide strategic marketing services to promote your program throughout the community and engage participants
  • Create and manage every aspect of your program for over a 3-year period

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